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GEKKO Solar Robot

GEKKO Solar Roboter

Mobile Cleaning Robot for PV Installations on Roof Tops

  • The robot GEKKO Solar is designed to clean PV panels on roof tops and solar farms, which are difficult to access. It's compact and versatile and can easily be moved from one place to the other. Therefore it's best suited for cleaning companies, offering their service to PV plant owners.
  • The robot-efficiency reaches up to 400 m2 per hour. It's a good choice for extended roof top installations, where cleaning by hand is hardly feasible.
  • The GEKKO Solar cleans rigorously by rotating brushes, executing a constant pressure on the panels and the use of demineralised water.
  • The GEKKO Solar is typically used together with a mobile work platform: from here, the operator can lift the robot comfortably to the roof and control it by radio using a joystick.
  • There is a little trolley for water an energy supply with a hose of about 100 m in length.
  • GEKKO Solar is also suited for small solar farms with narrow panels. In this case, a support wagon supplying water, electrical power and pressurised air ensures an independent operation.


0 m2/h
Cleaning capacity
000'000 m2 / year
Cleaning area

Advantages & Benefits

  • High cleaning efficiency: 4 times faster than manually
  • Precise cleaning: with even quality
  • Steep rooftops included: up to 45 °
  • Improved safety: no working on roof tops
  • Easy handling: operating by joystick and radio control
Examples & Pictures


GEKKO Solar in action

Tests at steep roof top; till 48 °

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